Japanese Pizza Toast

Crispy yet soft Japanese milk bread topped with tasty appetizing oregano-flecked pizza sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, and red onions comprise this Japanese pizza toast. So great, it’ll provide you fond memories for a memory you have actually never ever even had.

Toast is still having it’s minute in the sun. Keep in mind when avocado toast looked like such an insane thing to invest cash on? Now, avocado toast is as typical as hamburgers. Toast coffee shops are still a thing I believe it’s safe to state toast is here to remain. Toast is absolutely a thing in Japan, it’s a staple at kissaten or retro Japanese cafe. Kissaten are roaring back into design. Everybody desires a bit of that old-fashioned relaxing restaurant coffee-shop ambiance, which is precisely what kissaten are.

Previously this year, Mike and I were very fortunate that we got some taking a trip in prior to no travel ended up being a thing. We took place to commemorate our wedding event anniversary with a best pizza toast treat. It was a out of the blue very rainy day in Tokyo and we had actually intended on roaming around however rather we invested a great piece of time in the prettiest little cafe/bar where I had a coffee and Japanese purin and Mike had the very best ever pizza toast and a beer. It was gooey and tacky and the toast was fantastic due to the fact that Japan truly understands how to make bread.

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What is Japanese pizza toast?

To truly understand Japanese pizza toast, you need to go to a kissaten. Kissaten are Japanese style-tea rooms/coffee stores. They serve sugary foods and tea, coffee, sandwiches, spaghetti, and naturally, pizza toast. They were very popular in the Showa period and have a sort of 70s ambiance: really dark, wood, and loaded with cubicles and timeless vintage striped restaurant ware.

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Pizza utilized to be a specialized product in Japan, really unusual and not extensively readily available. In the 60s, one kissaten took it upon themselves to develop pizza toast, an easier, simple to make type of pizza treat. Perhaps you believe pizza toast is a bad replica of pizza, the unfortunate piece of bread that you make into toast when payday is no where near. However truly, pizza toast is something that needs to be commemorated. When done right, it tastes like pizza, however not. Pizza toast is its own thing, and what a wonderful thing it is.

How to make Japanese pizza toast

  1. Sauce. Spread a generous quantity of sauce on your bread. You can do a double decker, like I did, or a single piece of toast.

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  2. Leading. Include a generous bed of cheese then your preferred pizza garnishes of option.

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  3. Bake. Bake it in the oven or a toaster up until the cheese is gooey and melty and the bread is crisp. Serve it up on a retro restaurant plate with a knife and fork and take pleasure in!

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Japanese pizza toast components

Bread. Japanese milk bread or shokupan is perfect, however you can make pizza toast on any bread. If I do not have any milk bread, I choose a great fluffy soft white bread. Often I cut the crusts off.

Pizza sauce. Go on and utilize your preferred pizza sauce. If you do not have any pizza sauce on hand, you can simmer a little bit of crushed tomatoes with garlic powder and oregano, the oregano will make it taste similar to pizza sauce.

Pizza garnishes. Here’s where you can get imaginative! I chose timeless garnishes: pepperoni, onions, and green peppers. You can do ham and cheese, pineapple (I enjoy pineapple on pizza), mushrooms, caramelized onions, basil, broccoli, roasted potatoes, meatballs … I might continue.

Cheese. Obviously cheese pull mozzarella is a favorite and what I utilized however once again, you can utilize whatever stretchy cheese you like: provolone, cheddar, pepper jack, fontina, gruyere, and even brie or burrata!

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Japanese Pizza Toast

Japanese pizza toast is crispy yet soft Japanese milk bread topped with tasty pizza sauce, gooey cheese, pepperoni, and green peppers.
Serves 1
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Preparation Time 3 minutes Prepare Time 7 minutes Overall Time 10 minutes

Active Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoon pizza sauce
  • 2 pieces milk bread see notes
  • 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella
  • 10 pieces pepperoni or to taste
  • 1/4 bell pepper sliced, or to taste
  • 1/8 cup red onion sliced, or to taste


  • Uniformly spread out the pizza sauce on both pieces of bread then leading with cheese.bread with sauce | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • Location one piece on top of the other, with the cheese dealing with out. Leading with green peppers, pepperoni, and red onions.pizza toppings | www.iamafoodblog.com
  • Toast in the oven up until the bread is crisp and the cheese is melty, about 5-7 minutes at 350 ° F.pizza toast | www.iamafoodblog.com


If you can’t get Japanese milk bread, you can make it with this dish or simply sub marvel texas toast.
Shop in a covered container in the refrigerator for as much as 2 days.
To reheat: toast in a 350 ° F oven for 5-7 minutes or up until the cheese is melty and toast is reheated throughout.

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
Japanese Pizza Toast.

Quantity Per Serving.

Calories 360
Calories from Fat 106

% Daily Worth *

Fat 11.8 g 18% Hydrogenated fat 3.6 g 23% Cholesterol 18mg 6% Salt 883mg 38% Potassium 144mg 4% Carbs 49.3 g 16% Fiber 4.1 g 17% Sugar 7.6 g 8% Protein 15.3 g 31% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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