Tomahawk Steak

A tomahawk steak is every steak enthusiast’s dream.

The very first time a tomahawk steak was put down in front of me I was filled with a sense of marvel and happiness. My very first bite was so juicy, meaty, and tasty, it resembled all my dreams became a reality.

However it’s likewise tempered by its similarly ridiculous cost when served in a steakhouse. If you desire all the happiness of a tomahawk at just half the expense, you must make it in the house (unless it’s an unique night out of course). Home-cooked steaks are the very best steaks.

Tomahawks were a little frightening to prepare in between the high expense and abnormally thick cut. Fortunately, I did the research study so you do not need to. Keep reading for the nerdiest tome on how to purchase, prepare, or serve a best tomahawk steak.

What is a tomahawk steak?

Tomahawk steaks are bone-in ribeyes, cut from ribs 6-12, with a substantial length of bone left undamaged and the meat frenched as much as get whatever tidy looking. Is it the like a bone-in ribeye? Yes, however individuals likewise consume with their eyes, and you can’t beat the sight of a 24 ″ rib bone.

Are they a fraud?

You’re undoubtedly going to speak with somebody that tomahawk steaks are an overall fraud, pound-for-pound costly, which you’re simply spending for a bone. It’s not absolutely incorrect: a tomahawk steak definitely chooses a premium over a routine bone-in ribeye steak at a dining establishment. And, yes, they do taste basically the like a bone in ribeye.

However any thick cut steak likewise typically chooses a premium over a smaller sized steak of the specific very same kind. Less individuals purchase them, which raises the cost. I like tomahawk steaks due to the fact that their appeal suggests they’re a lot simpler to come by than an excellent 2.5″ thick cut bone-in ribeye.

If you’re making them in the house, the cost premium is much smaller sized and makes good sense for an unique house event or weekend meal. The minute you take out out that huge tomahawk steak for the grill, everybody immediately smiles.

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Are thick-cut bone-in steaks much better?

Without a doubt, thick bone in steaks are much better. Typically the meatiest, beefiest, most delicious parts of the meat are ideal beside the bone. The density of the steak permits you to get an excellent medium rare/whatever surface you desire on the within while still getting the deeply browned thick crust of your dreams on the exterior. The density of the steak makes it more flexible: it’s essentially difficult to overcook a 2 ″ steak without terrific effort and lapse of memory.

How huge are tomahawk steaks?

Depending upon which bone you get, tomahawks can vary in size in between 30 oz to 60 oz. In my experience, every tomahawk I have actually ever purchased to prepare in the house has actually been in between 48 oz and 60 oz.

Where do you purchase a tomahawk steak?

Costco is typically your best choice to get a tomahawk if you desire one immediately, however if you desire something really unique, I’m a huge fan of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Tomahawk.

Naturally, the very best location to purchase any meat, if you still have one in your neighborhood, is your regional butcher. Duration. All of the very best steaks I have actually ever had originated from regional stores no matter where on the planet I was. They might require a couple of days to get it all set or order it in, however it’s the very best choice.

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Tomahawk steak at costco?!

Did I actually state costco previously? Yes! Numerous costcos offer Tomahawk steaks and they’re even offically ‘American Wagyu’. I have not attempted it however a friend of mine did and his evaluation was: “actually great, tastes like bone-in ribeye at double the cost”.

What is American Wagyu?

American wagyu is Japanese cows, ideally Japanese Black Cows (called Kuroge Wagyu in Japan) that are raised and pastured in America. They can be full-blooded or cross reproduced with other types. It can vary in quality from common to fantastic.

USDA Prime and Licensed Angus are both quickly as great, if not much better, so there’s no requirement to hunt any particular cow down. With any steak, even and constant (and massive) marbling is typically an excellent indication of how great that steak will be. Lawn fed is much better than Grain or Corn fed/finished, also, in my viewpoint.

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How to prepare tomahawk steak

You can prepare a tomahawk steak much like a regular one, the most essential aspect is to make certain it’s well tempered (rested to space temperature level) so you’re getting the within as much as temp quickly enough prior to the outdoors burns. It’s better to get the within right as much as medium uncommon so you can scorch without stressing. There are a lot of methods of doing that, here are my favorites.

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How to prepare steak in oven

Set your oven as low as it can go, about 250ºF for the majority of people, and leave your steak in there for about 40 minutes to an hour. If you have a meat thermometer or oven probe (more on that listed below) leave it in up until it is 10 degrees lower than your wanted last temperature level. A chart is listed below also for simple recommendation.

How to prepare steak sous vide

This one is simple: include your steak and any rubs, marinades you want to a water bath and set it for 10 degrees lower than you wish to wind up at (see the doneness table listed below). The steak can remain in the bath for as much as 8 hours, although 1-2 is generally sufficient, depending upon how cold your steak was when it went into the bath.

How to prepare steak on grill

This one absolutely requires a meat thermometer however likewise produces the very best taste in my viewpoint, espcially if doing charcoal. Move your coals to one side, or if utilizing gas, just illuminate one side of the grill. Leave your steak as far as possible from the coals or the burner on the other side of the grill and close it. Flip from time to time to make certain you’re getting back at heat.

The value of a meat thermometer

When cooking steak, specifically one that costs north of $100, a meat thermometer is important. I suggest an oven probe that beeps when the target temperature is struck. They can be actually inexpensive, cordless app driven, or something in between. Personally I constantly choose the inexpensive choice. If all you have is an immediate read, make certain to inspect typically to make certain the steak does not get overcooked.

Steak cooking temperature

For a fast and simple recommendation, when we have supper celebrations in our home, our steaks are approximately done at:

  • Rare: 125ºF
  • Medium-rare: 135ºF
  • Medium: 145ºF
  • Medium-well: 155ºF
  • Well done: Do Not do this

Burning your tomahawk steak

As Soon As you have your internal temperature level as much as where you desire it, you’ll require to scorch it. I like to constantly rest a steak prior to burning (more on that later). When searing, utilize as high of a heat as you can produce.

If you’re currently barbecuing it, all you require to do is heat up the grill to max while you’re resting it, then move it over to the direct heat zone and grill it to the ideal color (for me, that’s 30 seconds on a side). If your steak was done sous vide or in oven, you’ll require to scorch it on a range (more on that listed below) or some other method I utilize an 800 degree pizza oven.

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How to scorch tomahawk steak on a range

Cooking a tomahawk on the range is tough due to the fact that of the bone. Even if your cast iron pan is substantial, aka 14″+ broad, you’ll most likely discover it tough to call the whole steak to the pan. You can purchase a low side pan such as a plancha or this cast iron crepe pan. You can likewise attempt to squeeze it down as finest you can, then baste whatever can’t touch with some butter.

The length of time to let steak rest for

When you use heat to muscle fibers they agreement and capture out wetness. Resting time permits the fibers to unwind once again, reabsorb a few of the wetness, and usually produces a more tender and much juicier steak. You do not always require to cover the steak in foil however permitting it to rest for 5-15 minutes after the primary cooking procedure is definitely essential. Longer is much better. I choose to rest my steak, then scorch so it’s as hot as possible when serving.

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How to reheat steak

To reheat a steak, simply let it come to space temperature on the counter top for about an hour, then scorch and serve.

Finest sauces for steak

Some individuals think in absolutely nothing however great ol’ salt and pepper. For me, I choose to alter the taste of the meal as it goes on, so I begin with a pure bite of salt and pepper, then move onto a good steak sauce or other preparation. When we had our pricey steak supper in Kobe, they served it 16 various methods. At the same time, you can simply make your steak with salt and pepper and serve it along with a good choice of steak sauces. Examine here for our guide to all the very best steak sauces.

Side meals for steak

Is it even steak without sides ??

  • frites
  • mashed potatoes
  • steak and salad
  • steak with rice like they carry out in Japan
  • cacio e pepe
  • asparagus
  • mushrooms
  • brussels sprouts
  • onion rings
  • browse and grass, aka steak and shrimp

We have actually likewise done ours with fish sauce and lettuce covers.

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The number of calories in steak

If calories are necessary to you, you’ll most likely own a cooking area scale. Tomahawks are ribeyes, and ribeyes are 191 calories per 100 grams. Weigh the bone later on and deduct from the weight showed on the label for a rough quote of the calories in your steak.

Steak long and succeed

How to cook a tomahawk steak |

How to prepare Tomahawk Steak

How to prepare tomahawk steak completely whenever
Serves 8
. wprm-recipe-rating. wprm-rating-star. wprm-rating-star-full svg * {fill: #f 5a623;} 4.67 from 6 votes.

Preparation Time 5 minutes Prepare Time 55 minutes Overall Time 1 hr


  • 1 tomahawk steak 48-60oz
  • salt and newly ground pepper
  • 1 tablespoon butter if wanted

Unique Devices

  • Meat thermometer with probe


  • Let your steak concerned space temperature on the counter top. Pre-heat your oven to 250ºF or one side of your gas/charcoal grill on low. Season your steak with salt and pepper. tomahawk steak tempering |
  • Put the temperature level probe into the thickest part of the steak (see notes if you do not have a probe-type thermometer) then put the steak in the center of the oven or farthest far from the heat on the grill up until it strikes 10ºF listed below your wanted temperature level, turning every 5 minutes or two. See notes for steak cooking temperatures.reverse seared tomahawk steak |
  • Rest your steak for 5-15 minutes (longer is much better) while you warm up your grill, pizza oven, blow torch, or cast iron pan.
  • Burn your steak up until your wanted color is accomplished (about 30 seconds per side for me). Serve right away with fixins and sauces, if to cook tomahawk steak |


If you do not have a probe type thermometer, consult an immediate read as you turn every 5 minutes.
Steak cooking temperature
Uncommon: 125ºF|Medium uncommon: 135ºF|Medium: 145ºF|Medium well: 155ºF|Well done:? ♂

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
How to prepare Tomahawk Steak.

Quantity Per Serving (100 g).

Calories 291
Calories from Fat 198

% Daily Worth *

Fat 22g 34% Hydrogenated Fat 10g 63% Cholesterol 80mg 27% Salt 54mg 2% Potassium 260mg 7% Carbs 0.01 g 0% Fiber 0.01 g 0% Sugar 0.01 g 0% Protein 24g 48% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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